AP3341 Nuclear Reactor Physics

This course gives you an overview of the fundamental physical processes taking place in a nuclear reactor. The lecture comprises: nuclear reactions; fission chain reaction; transport of neutrons; energy distribution of neutrons; time dependent behavior of reactors including feedback; numerical methods; fuel burnup; nuclear power reactors. To give you a flavour of what is treated in this course, see the lectures below:

  1. Nuclear reactors
  2. Neutron life cycle
  3. Neutron scattering
  4. Nuclear Doppler effect
  5. Neutron diffusion equation
  6. Neutron transport eqn
  7. Fast/Epithermal spectrum
  8. Thermal neutron spectrum
  9. Criticality condition reactor
  10. Nuclear reactor kinetics
  11. Carnot conversion cycle
  12. Thorium in Molten Salt Reactors

The lecture series is based on the book by: James J.Duderstadt and Louis J.Hamilton, Nuclear Reactor Analysis, John Wiley and Sons (1976).

AP3631 Nuclear Reactor Kinetics

This course gives an exciting overview of kinetics phenomena occuring in nuclear reactors. Emphasis is on physics insight rather than on rigorous numerical methods. The lecture comprises:

The lecture series is based on the book by: Karl O. Ott and Robert J. Neuhold, Introductory Nuclear Reactor Dynamics, American Nuclear Society (1985).

AP3371 Radiological Health Physics

This lecture focuses on all kind of radiological aspects of radiation.
The lecture comprises: radiation, radioactivity, decay; radiation sources; interaction of radiation with matter; methods of radiation detection; radiation dosimetry; radiation shielding; biological effects of radiation; internal dosimetry; natural and man-made sources; radiation protection philosophy; rules and regulations; safety measures; radiation protection of open sources. Passing the examination gives right on the expert level 3 diploma (acknowledged by the Dutch government).

The lecture series is based on the books by: