Student research projects

One of the major topics we work on is the Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) working with the thorium fuel cycle. In this reactor a molten fluoride salt circulates through the primary circuit and transfers directly the heat that is being produced by nuclear fission processes from the core region to the heat exchanger. On this website you can read various articles about the operating principle and the advantages of this reactor concept. If you want to do a bachelor or a master research project in this field, please contact me directly via email.

Besides the mainstream topic on MSR we have several other projects as well, like:

  1. Optimizing the neutron filter design for research and medical purposes. Neutrons that are being produced in a nuclear reactor can be used to produced nuclear isotopes for medical diagnostics and treatment or to irradiate tumor tissue directly, e.g. for the purpose of BNCT. The energy spectrum of the neutron beam in many cases has to be tuned to get optimal results. This can be done by placing slabs of different materials in the beam to slow down neutrons to the favorable energy range and to absorb neutrons with unwanted energy. The optimization of this beam design can be done with advanced methods like neural networks. In this project you will setup a calculation scheme able to optimize the filter design for different purposes. For this project a master student applied physics is sought.
  2. In the Lighthouse project, an electron beam of high energy impinges on a heavy target to produce high-energy gamma radiation (brehmstralung) which can be used to convert Molybdenum-100 into the medical isotope Molybdenum-99. In this proces excess neutrons are released which can be used to produce other medical nuclides as well. In this project you will design the geometry and composition of the target and the surrounding layers to maximize the output of the facility. The optimization includes the neutronics design as well as the calculation of the thermal load on the target and surrounding layers. More information can be found in a bachelor thesis. For this project a master student applied physics is sought.